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GBP is an easy to integrate, user friendly platform

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Growth Business Portal

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What is GBP?

‘Imagine a portal which gives visibility of business metrics, global communication, measurable behaviours and personal actions… allowing every manager to measure and be measured on performance, irrespective of their work location’

The life blood of any organisation is time, money and resource.

In an increasingly complex, ambiguous and competitive business environment it’s not the strongest which thrive, but the smartest.

They focus not just on what they do, but how they achieve it… They look at each facet of the organisation to not only identify the improvements but implement the changes.

Well-founded research shows businesses repeatedly fail because their leaders do not have line of sight of team and individual performance, and do not release the discretionary effort in each and every employee.

Businesses struggle with the eternal challenge of performance management;

  • What do I do?
  • How do I do it?
  • How do we permanently correct the mistakes?
  • How do we communicate?
  • How do we know what is really happening?

Wasted time, energy, money and invariably the issue not being addressed. Sound familiar?

Until now.

Growth Business Portal does exactly what it says and addresses this costly gap - discretionary effort is there for the taking.

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Providing organisations solutions enabling growth,
improved productivity and increased profit’


We will identify channels within your business that GBP can positively impact, bringing value for money, efficiencies and increased engagement


Built with the user in mind, its ease of use, its speed and its on-off functionality are differentiators within the market place


GBP can be self-hosted on your Internet and is fully integrated with no external connections, therefore ensuring a risk free and secure environment of which to operate


GBP operates a single license model. Providing scalability at a fixed cost. Capable of as many users, as much material, and as much access as you require with no hidden extras.


By utilising GBP in your business it will allow you to claim R&D Tax Benefits of upto 20% of your costs over a 4-year period. Significant Savings


GBP allows senior teams and key decision makers to have full line of sight of progress and performance. Remove the expense of excessive travel

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